Christopher J. Stumph


My goal in life is to never stop dabbling, and to always have a challenge to face. I like to learn anything I can. It's for this reason I can never seem to commit to being a front-end or back-end dev. I pride myself on approaching things from an intuitive angle, writing clean, readable, and maintainable code, and always keeping in touch with the user's perspective. I love geeking out over the latest web innovations such as HTML5, CSS3, and server side javascript.

Work Experience

2011 »

Freelance Interface Engineer: Working mostly as a subcontractor for other developers helping to handle client overflow. Also began construction of a social network/team management and coordination app for a large MMO game.

2010 »

Techwraith Collective: Worked in an informal group of developers while beginning to study bleeding edge technologies like HTML5 and Node.js. Helped to construct a large news aggregation site. Occasional work producing vector graphics.

2009 »

Slate Technologies: Applied myself as a general jack-of-all trades in a bootstrapped start-up environment. Performed deployments, design touch-ups/slicing, HTML/CSS layout building, site migrations, as well as working in a team to provide feedback and revisions.

Professional References

Oscar Godson, Sr. Javascript Engineer, Yammer inc.
"I've worked with Chris on a few projects over the past couple years including some work for Nestle. I go to him when there's a time crunch and I need to know something is going to get done swiftly but also done right the first time. He pays attention to even the most minute detail which is reassuring to me, and my clients. You just can't go wrong with Chris."

Jeffrey Erickson, UX/UI Designer, Yammer inc.
"I've known Chris for a long time, and worked with him on countless projects. With every project I am more and more impressed with his demand for perfection and his insatiable thirst for knowledge. Chris is one of the only developers that I've worked with who has managed to perfectly recreate my designs pixel for pixel and with any interaction I could dream up."

Daniel Erickson, Sr. Javascript Engineer, Yammer inc.
"Chris is by far the most dedicated developer I've ever worked with. If he doesn't know how to do something, he'll stick with it until he does. When we had a project that needed to be done fast and elegantly, we always made sure to bring him in."